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SSL Certificates

Servertastic is a large volume SSL certificate reseller. Because of the volume of SSL certificates sold we are able to negotiate massive discounts from our suppliers. We pass on these discounts to our customers in the form of cheaper prices.

Instant Issuance

These certificates can be issued in as little as 10 minutes. You simply have to confirm domain ownership via a validation email.

Fully Validated

Certificates that have been fully validated require you to supply information about your organisation. This means the organisation is validated as legitimate before the certificate is issued.


A wildcard certificate will secure all sub-domains of a given domain within a single certificate. Useful if you have multiple sub-domains that all need SSL.

Extended Validation

Commonly refered to as EV. These certificates require detailed checks in to the legitimacy of the business and the person requesting the SSL certificate. Once issued they include the green address bar technology.

Multi-Domain (SAN/UC)

Using the SAN field of the SSL certificate it is possible to support up to 25 domains in a single certificate. This can be useful if you have multiple top level domains and any internal domains you want to secure.

Code Signing

Using a code signing certificate to distribute your software helps your customers trust what they are installing. It provides them with the peace of mind they are using legitimate software provided by you and not something rogue or infected with malware.